Ali Nesin has received the Leelavati prize

The Leelavati Award is an award for outstanding contribution to public outreach in mathematics. It is named after the 12th-century mathematical treatise “Lilavati” devoted to arithmetic and algebra written by the Indian mathematician Bhāskara II, also known as Bhaskara Achārya. In the book the author posed, in verse form, a series of problems in (elementary) arithmetic to one Leelavati (perhaps his daughter) and followed them up with hints to solutions. This work appears to have been the main source of learning arithmetic and algebra in medieval India. The work was also translated into Persian and was influential in West Asia.

Ali Nesin has received the Leelavati prize awarded every four year
by the International Mathematical Union (IMU). The award was made public
at the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)
on August 1st 2018,  On the same day, the Chair of the Leelavati
Prize Commitee Gerd-Martin Greuel has given a Laudatio presentation
presenting Ali Nesin and the Nesin Mathematics Village.