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Statement of the Turkish Mathematical Society Board about Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences

Istanbul Mathematical Sciences Center (IMBM), established at Boğaziçi University in 2006, is facing the danger of closure due to a decision by the Boğaziçi University administration. We have supported the activities of IMBM since its inception, and the current situation is a deeply saddening one for us, and for the mathematical community at large.

IMBM has hosted thousands of scientists from all over the world during the last 16 years, and made significant contributions to the prestige of mathematical research in our country. IMBM is also the host institute for the Distinguished Colloquium Series organized by the Turkish Mathematical Society and is one of the three research institutions that we regularly support every year.

The center’s building was home to daily seminars, advanced conferences and workshops, and research in pairs projects. Its closure will cause a significant disruption to these activities and likely cause some of these activities to be stopped altogether.

IMBM has achieved a worldwide reputation in a relatively short time frame as a research center and with a budget that is very small compared to similar institutions, coming entirely from donations. This institute should remain in place and continue to serve our country and the mathematical community. We request the Boğaziçi University administration to reconsider the decision to remove the IMBM from its building.

The Turkish Mathematical Society Executive Board